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The Century Gurl

The Millennium was upon us. Y2K was about to hit, and I was given a job to fix the computers at a Marketing firm in a small city on the West Coast. I hadn’t been in a relationship for a few years, my Ex had run off with some missionary that didn’t like anal sex.

Everyone there was afraid of the I.T. Guy. They thought I could hack into their lives by staring at them and didn’t want me to know what they were up to. So one afternoon, I was sitting out at the Lunch/Smoke break area, I was joined by one of the Managers. Hadn’t met her before, but I wish I had. She was Tall, about 5’11” almost 6 foot, Long Jet Black hair draped down her back to her ass that was swinging nicely in her 501’s and her linen blouse was tight enough to accentuate the shape of hre breast, and just barely showed her bra.

We had a wonderful chat about me getting paid by her to come to her house to fix her personal computer and even upgrade her stuff to the latest and greatest. Someone had told her I was the best in town. Ok, if I admit it, maybe my Business Card said, ‘Best Computer and IT Consultant in the Area.’
Her equipment was all entry level and easy to work with. Over a week or two I upgraded her and gave her some new features and peripherals, she was happy, she paid well, and I had some nice peaks of some of her more feminine features.

She had become more forward with each day I came by, and the more we talked at work. Eventually, on another lunch break she asked, “Ever had a nooner with an older woman, Kiddo?” It was like I had been slapped, I hadn’t been called kiddo, since I tried to seduce my best friend’s girlfriend’s mother in high school. “You aren’t that old sweetheart, I’m sure I’m older.” she grinned and said “You’re sweet. Personally I think you are just trying to flatter, but sweet. I’m ‘Xx’ Years old.” Well damn, she was a whole two years my senior. “Ok Ma’am, you got me there.” she sneered at me and retorted, “I’m no too old to kick your ass young’un. Ma’am indeed.”

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