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The best feeling

It was this Halloween. I and a group of friends decided to dress up and go out for some drinks at my college. So we went and got our costumes. So oobviously i dressed up as a girl for some cheep laughs. I wore a blonde wig, a scarlet dress, black g-string, heals and since i live in Norway, a stuffed leather jacket with a midriff.
When i slipped into the dress all i could think about was how we were going to just have a good time and drink like there's no tomorrow.

we went to Robs place first to start the drinking(it was just us friends there about 13 people). I achieved what i was going for, someone highfived me, others laughed and some even slapped my ass. I sat down in the couch and started drink and talking when Jhon grabbed me and put me on his lap. We just sat there and talked for 10 more minutes when i felt his fing starting to slowly work it's way down into my ass. I didn't know what to do so I just led his hand up from my pants a just played it of as a drunken mistake. Then shortly after i felt it again, but this time he was fully penetrating my asshole. So I sat in the middle of my friends with this straight guy totaly fingering me. So i just went to the bathroom to catch a breather and regroup my thoughts. "This is so wiered" "I've never done this" "I am freaked out". I remade my make up and went out to the party againg.

Some time passed and Jhon came up to me and started to stroke my back and whispered "you look really hot in red, and those heals ahh i just want to take right here in front of everbody". I just had no words to say, but before I knew it my hand had slipped into his pants and i was jerking him of. I had never been with a guy and i didn't want it to be public. So i grabed his cock and led him into a bedroom. He threw me against the wall and we started making out. I could feel his cock growing in my hand as I was playing with it in his pants. We worked our way over to the bed when he pushed me on my knees and pulled out his cock.

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