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The Babysitter Chapter One

Sometimes I guess it's hard to find ways to make a bit of extra money when you're home from college for the summer. It certainly wasn't easy for me looking for work. That's why I found myself doing a bit of babysitting in my spare evenings. I know, it's the kind of work that you'd expect from a teenage girl, not a nineteen-year-old guy who should be out living it up at nights. But, it was easy work and it was money.

My parents were very young for the parents of someone my age, I sometimes found it hard to believe that they were younger than I was now when they had had me. This meant that they had a number of friends with young children and all that they needed of me was to be in the house while their children slept. I could just watch TV, eat whatever food they had in the fridge and drink their alcohol. It was a pretty ideal job really, all things considered, even if it did make my friends mock me a little.

It had one other advantage as well. I have to admit that I was a nosey, curious kind of guy, and I loved the idea of looking around the houses of my parents' friends and going through all their things, even their private things, and getting a greater impression of what they were like. Naturally, it wasn't long before I discovered that the most interesting place to snoop around was in the wives' panty drawers.

I've always loved women in sexy lingerie and I couldn't help getting turned on as I went through the underwear of my parents' closest friends. Now, whenever I saw them I couldn't help but imagine the sexy satin, silk and lace that I knew lay beneath their clothes. Meanwhile, when left alone in their homes, I loved to touch it, feel their sensual softness and inhale their feminine scent.

One evening, I was babysitting at Joe and Sara Dawson's house. They were a couple in their mid thirties with twin daughters aged four who had long since been put to bed. Joe and Sara still liked to think of themselves as young party animals and still liked to date in bars and clubs. They both kept in pretty good shape too and could probably convince as being a bit younger than they were. I knew that Sara's wardrobe was definitely that of a much younger good time girl. I certainly knew that she had that kind of underwear.

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