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The radio was loud and the top was down when I first saw her.

She looked so beautiful sitting there at the bus stop.I remember her legs, they were long and tan and clad in silky smooth thigh highs. Her skirt shifted when she crossed her legs and I could see the garters clinging to her tan skin. She turned her head and smiled at me while I waited for the light. Her eyes were so bright. I think they were green, maybe blue. Every movement she made seemed to beckon me. As if she was calling me to her.

I couldn't help but stare at her tits - they were fabulous. A car behind me honked. shattering my reverie. The light had been green and I didn't even notice. She laughed at me; I couldn't hear it but I had the strongest urge to.

That was when I made my decision.

I turned the wheel sharply and drove into the gas station just behind her. I turned off the engine and hopped out of my Mustang. I walked up behind her and leaned down. She still hadn't noticed me ,I guess, so I whispered into her ear, "Need a ride?"

She wasn't even startled. She turned to me with her eyes sparkling and said "Sure, let's go."

I didn't expect that. I offered her my elbow and when she touched my arm it felt like electric sparks. My cock lifted it's head in response and I mentally willed it down. She must have noticed though, because she licked her lips and grinned like an imp.

"Where ya goin'?" I asked her, tryin to shift the focus. She gave me a funny look and said " Anywhere you are I guess."

We were at the car then, and I opened the door for her. She made an extra show of getting into the car and crossing her long legs. I slammed her door shut and got in on the other side. She pulled her hair up into this bun thing. I don't know why but seeing her neck all white and graceful really turned me on. I cleared my throat and started the engine. It roared to life and she gave me a wicked smile.

We sped off down the street. It was quiet for a few minutes and then I broke the silence. "I don't have a destination in mind" I told her almost nervously. She told me not to worry about it, just to keep driving.

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