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Taking On A Surprise

I sat on the couch, and we started kissing again. My hands traced the outline of her nipples through the thin silk of the blouse, and I could feel the lace of her flimsy bra.

She leaned back, unbuttoned her blouse, and slid it off.I cupped her breasts, and could feel their warmth and weight. She shivered when my thumbs began caressing her taught nipples, and her hand went to my crotch.

Roberta firmly massaged my aching cock, and opened my zipper. She reached inside, and freed my aching penis.Roberta asked me to lie back on the couch and I did. She took off her bra, leaned over me, unbuckled my pants, and slid them and my briefs down over my legs.

After she got my pants off, she straddled my chest with her lovely ass near my face, still clad in her black skirt and stockings.She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, her lips gently sliding up and down the shaft. As she did this, her crotch gradually moved down to my face I felt something smooth, warm, and wet sliding across my face and lips.

Swinging slowly back and forth was a big cock!At first, I was a bit shocked, I had heard stories of "she-males,” but had never dreamed I would meet one!I was so overcome with passion from the actions of her mouth and tongue on my cock that I decided to just let it happen. I reached up and touched a cock belonging to someone else for the first time.I brushed it back and forth across my lips and could taste the slightly salty taste of the drop of pre-cum hanging from the hole. It was delicious, and I found myself wanting more, so I slipped it into my mouth.As we both suckled, I could feel her breasts pressed against my stomach. Roberta had the best of both worlds to offer me.

Suddenly, she stood up, and peeled her skirt off.

"I want to have your cock up my hot asshole,” she murmured as she reached for the jar of love oil on the coffee table.

She applied the love oil to her asshole, and got on her hands and knees on the couch and reached behind herself to guide my hot cock into her hungry hole.

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