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CJ stood in a daze...
"Are you downstairs? Can you throw up a pair of panties that are in the dryer? Also, what did you get on your feet that you have all this gritty dirt on the floor. I don't remember your being doing anything like that before we went to bed."
Damn..they left traces of themselves there!
"I got it on my sandals when I was in the garden. Wanted to wear them but forgot about the dirt on them. Sorry."
"You even got it on the rug. Did you know that?"
Yelling upstairs, in anguish, CJ had to think fast. "I was coming in because i thought you were awake. Then saw you weren't and came downstairs. I will clean it up."
"CJ, you were playing games on the dresser too, weren't you? I see everything is tipped on its side. Why would you do that?"
"I was just screwing around. No reason." Now she was worried. What ELSE did they do? It was VERY apparent that they had been IN HER ROOM!
"I will take care of it. But I have to get to work. I will vacuum the floors and rugs in a bit."
" problem..just odd!"
CJ was thinking about all this. The phone rang back.
"BITCH, we have a task for you. We were discussing Lexie...and felt we wanted you to shave her pubes and mail them to us....and by the way, by Friday. Or she can shave herself but we don't like hairy pork chops. Hairy pussies. NO...we like them smooth! We figure you aren't cooperating enough. You lied on one of the phone numbers, names, and address so we figure it won't be long until we rape Lexie. We want her smooth when we do it so that is the crews demand. Pubes. Post marked by Friday. CONSEQENCES!"
"DADDY...I didn't lie about any of them. Which one?"

"The fucking lesbians I told YOU about! Not their phone number. Not their names. Address is one down from yours. What the fuck, BITCH, do you think I will do? Of course I will check it and verify the information. So now, to make up for that error, you will have a decision to make. Pubes or rape."
Click. The phone went dead.

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