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Tabitha at 19

Tabitha’s home from her freshman year of college. She’s gone off to California to a screamingly liberal school and I’m sure she’s been making new friends, learning new things, opening her horizons and fucking safely. After I popped her cherry and we had a very discreet summer of me teaching her a lot and her teaching me a bit, too, off she went. My admonition was that she play and be free to experiment but always safely. She was my little bareback bunny and I didn’t want her to ruin her life or mine with a nasty bug. We kept in touch with phone calls. I test, email, Skype and all the other wonders of the modern age but she was still just 19 and a former student of the school where I was employed and had my pension.

After a few days of being back among family and friends, she called me. She had resumed working at the Dairy Queen in town, which we laughed at a bit. She was my little Queen and I gave her plenty of creamy white stuff to lap up. I hadn’t seen her at all in months, as she hadn’t come home for the holidays. I was excited to see what changes had occurred as they inevitably must.

That same silver Honda came up my driveway on a warm and sunny early summer morning and when she got out my cock was at instant attention. She was still curvy but all the chubbiness was gone. Her hair was long, to the middle of her back, streaked and kissed a summer sun blond and brunette. She was deeply, richly tan and walked more like a woman than an awkward boy. She waved to me and got a bag from the backseat and came up the steps to meet me wearing a mid calf summer wrap, mirrored sunglasses and sandals.

I wanted to sweep her into my arms right there but we hurried into the house and she set her bag down and threw herself into my arms. “Oh Daddy! I have really missed you! Have you missed me?” she asked, kissing my neck and chin. I pulled her back and looked into her tan face, her full lips shining pink and wet, her hazel eyes moist and wide. “I’ve missed you like a really fat kid misses cake, baby girl!” As she laughed and slapped at me playfully I dove in and out lips met, our tongues fighting and sliding around like mad. She had her arms tight around my back and I was stroking her back and patting her ass.

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