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Sucked out every last drop

Here's an very exciting story from our reader Salty47 who have given his ladyboy GF a blowjob for the first time and then sucked out every last drop of her delicious cum.

This post is not at all like my first experience. We met and became good friends. I never gave a thought to her body parts - but she seemed to have a great body. We went out to a lounge in a local hotel with a large group and had a few drinks. The next week I asked her out and she said yes. We dated for a few weeks and had a lot of fun but she never let me get too far.

Things kind of cooled between us later we went away for a weekend with a few friends. As we sat at a fire I told her I wish we had kept dating. She told me she had wanted our relationship to go to the next level but didn't think I felt the same. I guess i had given her some unintended signals but now we were talking about it - so maybe????

I told her I went home with blue balls several nights and thought she wasn't really interested on our getting any more intimate. She told me feared that I wasn't really interested in giving, but only interested in getting so to speak.

I assured her she had it wrong. I'd love to give at least as much as to get. She found that difficult to believe. I asked for a chance to prove it. With her beautiful face only an inch from mine she said "really, would you feel that way if I said 'OK, eat me!'" I almost lost it. Hell yes is all I could say. She put my hand on her cock and between kisses she licked my lips and said whispered in my ear "eat me, eat me." I told her I love hearing her say those words. I stood and asked her to come to my room. "Are you sure" she asked. Yes but you'll have to teach me how.

We stood next to the bed kissing as I rubbed and stroked her crotch hoping I had the guts to go through with it. I asked "can take your pants off?" She smiled and that's when I knew I wanted to suck her cock. I wanted to see her smile while I sucked her off.

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