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Strip Gaming gets with Kelly

After taking an extremely boring Christian ethics class (required by my college, not by choice) on a late Friday afternoon, I checked my cell to see I had a few messages. It was Kelly and she was celebrating a well deserved A on an Calculus test. The first message read:

"Got an A in Calc. Vodka n strip gaming my place"

Strip gaming is something Kelly got me into and it usually led to sex. However, we quickly learned that there are certain games you just don't play against the other. Kelly absolutely refused to play me in Super Street Fighter II and she would just destroy me in Guitar Hero. Although we had several different games we would play this with, it would usually come down to one certain game since the odds were pretty even, Super Mario Kart.
Anyways as I walked across campus with the prospects of sex in my head I continued to read the next message. Which read:

"Ur in ethics? just fucking leave. Im HORNY!!!"

Now I was even more excited, sex was certain. Just as I was reaching my car I read the finally message.

"WTF ur the only person who doesn't text during class. I hope ur ready to get dominated"

Yes, that's right I don't answer texts or calls when in class or doing something that requires my attention. Something Kelly loved and hated about me but that's how I roll. Getting back to the story, this last message threw me off a bit.

"Dominate?..." I said out loud as I got into my car. Not really a word I had seen Kelly use but I quickly returned my thoughts to the fact that I was going to have sex. I gave her a call before I left to let her know I was on my way.
"Bout time" Kelly said aggressively.

"Well hello to you to" I quickly responded.

"You're on your way, right?" Kelly again said with an aggressive tone.

" everything all right?" I asked trying to ease what I felt was tension.

"Just get here and everything will be" She said and then quickly hung up.

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