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story of Jojo

Some find it confusing of who i am or what i am, including me.
i found some kind of definition:
A young boy who presents extensive feminine mannerisms and actions often blurring the line between a boy and a girl.
Can be confused with a cross dresser, but it usually refers to boys at very young age or in their teens.
Commonly used to define gay boys who dress like girls, but some can be straight too.

There are many variety of trans. We know transsexuals who like boys and girls and are desperate to keep the cock.
i like them a lot. We have transgenders girls born in boys body. Most of the time they see the world through girls point of view. Some hate the cock and get it removed, Some don't care. Depending from person to person. There sexual preferance can be both ways.
Then there are ladyboys who are most common in Asia. Cute asian girls with small cockies. In Thailand 1/3 is ladyboy. Crossdressers are men who get very much turned on by women clothing. Most crossdressers are submissive and very cute. Than we also have transvestite , men clothed like women but also have and fancy the women way of living.
I can only talk for myself.
I call myself femboy. Some interests are similar with trans and some are not.
I want to keep my cocky very much. I like it, play with it, show it to people who like that.
In normal life i am a shy girl with a cute cocky, in front of the cam i am still shy but when i get turned on i love to show off.
I have also boy person in me. Not like a split personality but the way of thinking.
My body though is really feminine. I have few boy features. I have almost no body hair.
nothing on chest, armpits, arms, al little pubic. My skin is smooth and soft.
My boobs are not male at all but too small to call female. I have 75a cup, but the mind makes it real.
The last few weeks when i got really excite sexually i had a few times lactating nipples. Very sensitive and sore at the end. Still very confusing for me.

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