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Stop lying to yourself

I've always had an attraction to transexuals, even before I knew they existed! I had a pic of Anna Kournikova with her legs spread and you could see her panties, and I was playing with it in a program I think was called Goo, whatever it was called it allowed you to warp photos, and I stretched out part of her panties, not even purposely, and found it extremely sexy.

It wasn't until years later that I realised why I found it so attractive. When I first started fantasising about transexuals, I kept trying to convince myself I didn't really like, but I realised I was only lying to myself.

While I am extremely attracted to the idea of transexuals, and have aquired many pictures and films, I don't know if I will actually persue a proper relationship with one, although I would be willing to try if I felt a true connection.

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