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Step-Mom China (Part Two)

China had invited me to a little party at her house for her “Special Friends” it wasn’t supposed to be a sex party but there were going to be plenty of girls I would want to at the very least flirt with. And she said, “I will make sure to put you in the hot tub with at least six or seven that will just love you.”

I was hard the moment she even mentioned that opportunity though I had to realize this wasn’t supposed to be about sex it was just a little gathering of her friends and others who liked them. There might be prospects of sex for a later date or even possibly later that night but nothing was supposed to happen that evening between the hours of 6pm to whenever at least that was the plan.

I waited two weeks for the party and planned what I was going to wear that wasn’t going to hide my more excited qualities shall we say. I got there around 5pm to help set up as I had told her that I would do that already. She was dressed to the nines in a tight ensemble burgundy in color with a deep reddish brown wig down to the small of her back with little twisty curls on the ends, her big full lips in a shade of dark, rose red with a highlight around the outer edge of a burgundy I think. I tried hard to contain my pleasure but forgetting the shorts I chose for the party that wasn’t happening already.

“You are excited already and my guests haven’t even arrived for the party young man.” She said licking her lips gently to tease me even more.

I tried to ignore the comment, “What do you need me to do first?”

“Come sit on my face.” She giggled.

I sat down and her long, moist tongue dug deep into my tight bottom darting in and out of me as I tried desperately to maintain some control. As her soft, gentle hands explored my body I burst into a moan so loud I could have shook the pictures off her walls.

At this point I was so turned on I had her in my mouth before she could even offer herself to me. I was devouring her as if it was the first meal I had eaten in years. I felt an overwhelming desire to swallow every inch of her till she exploded down my throat letting out a scream to shake the pillars of heaven.

When she finished exploding down my throat we cleaned up for the party and finished decorating just before everyone else arrived.

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