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Social Media Woes

I know these things are done often because they just are but it still perplexes me when I get a random dick pic in my inbox. Like what am I supposed to do? Just stop everything, go to wherever the person is who sent the dick pic and we fuck? Should I cover my own travel expenses too? And what’s in it for me? The pleasure of this random stranger’s dick and nothing else? I’m really going to have to start shooting exuberant money figures at these people. I figure it’ll either scare them away, piss them off or I get money out of the deal, most likely one of the first two scenarios.
Another thing. What’s up with the profile pic that’s just a dick? Are you telling me that YOU’RE a dick by doing that? If your profile pic is a dick pic, may I address you as “Dick”?
Okay. HERE, I can expect that, this is, after all, a porn site but why elsewhere? How about SOME interesting conversation. It doesn’t have to be a major theological discussion but I’m not some THING you just hump with virtually no prior dialogue and no monetary compensation coming from somewhere. Exuberant money figures. I need to get on that. Haha!

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