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Slutty Sissy's Naughty Weekend Part 1

I'm bi and it started when I was about 15, just wearing my GFs knickers, thongs and bras. The excitement of it, the feeling of the flimsy material barely covering me. I kept this up for 3 years until recently id been talking to a guy online who called himself seb, a guy who described himself as 'Tall, dark & handsome.' A phrase which never really ever meant much to me, this was all up until I met him for the first time.

I'm pretty broke at the moment, especially living alone. Seb offers to buy me some clothes to cheer me up, which I jumped at of course, I had never been able to afford any full outfits. I kept on buying things in stages then having to get rid of them for one reason or another. But seb had offered everything, right down to the waxing strips and nail varnish. As it turns out he owns the hotel just two miles down the road, it was pretty pricey so I imagine he was fairly wealthy. He tells me that he's having me for the night in the master suite, and that he's picked out perfect clothes for me. How could I say no after that? This is something ive been dying to do for years, ive only ever been with two men, and I wasn't dressed up at all.

I was desperate to get there, I jumped on the bus and set off with a butterflies in my stomache, I was particularly nervous because I hadn't seen his face before, but he had seen mine. He could be really least ill get some clothes out of it, hehe=p. I went and got in the lift and pressed the button for the top floor like he said, I still had a hood over my head because I didn't want him to see me without my clothes. I walked out, turned left all the way to the bottom and as there was only one door. I knocked, pretty quietly but I was extremely nervous, a loud voice comes from the other side

"Lucy?" i didn't really want him hearing my voice either, so I just simply knocked again. The door opened, the lights were off in the main room and seb still stood the other side of the door, without even looking at me says "go into the bathroom and get ready Lucy" He said it with such power aswell I just went straight in to the only door open with light coming out. He says "Take your time getting ready girl, we got all night and I want you to be perfect, I'll be out here waiting."

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