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Six Hours of Pure Heaven.
Authors Notes: This is the story of my first visit to an anything goes swingers club in Las Vegas. The night of the story I was one of the first arrive and one of the last to leave. This club is a real club and it is called the THE STUDIOS and it is open 4 days a week, Thursday through Sunday. If you are in Vegas check out their website. If you have a thing for Tgirl’s, MM sex, MMF sex, or just sucking cock check them out.
I finally sat down with my wife yesterday afternoon and had a talk with her about my desires to take my sexual desires to the next level and I was surprised what her response was. She told me that we had talked about this on and off since we got together and that it was okay with her if I wanted to go play. She just wanted me to make sure I followed her rules for me to do that and as I have said in the past I have no problem with the rules.
So last night around 9:15 I left the house and headed over to the club. I arrived just before 10 pm and went on in. At the guest desk was a beautiful and tall and very sexy Tranny named Barbara who immediately put me at ease and explained where everything was at. I got my robe and paid the house donation and walked around the beautifully decorated house and got a feel for the place. On the TV’s that are scattered throughout the house were playing bi-sexual and tranny porn. I went and found the lockers and changed out of my cloths, leaving on a pair of ladies panties that I was wearing, and put my stuff in the locker.
I went into the Boutique and drank my Monster and talked with Barbara the Bar tender and started to feel really at home. I had meet Joyce by now and she is a great lady. I had a really deep and personnel conversation with her later in the night and she gave me some solid advice and made me feel more at home. I watched as the other guests started arriving and there were people of all shapes sizes and types there. I watched a crossdresser who was very comfortable in his skin and cloths.

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