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Sissy's Cherry Got Popped!

S)heplacement- Definition- Any sissy male that is willing to take the place, or replace any woman who is not properly taking care of their man inside or outside the bedroom... These gu(y)rls will make sure their makeup and lipstick is just right, their lingerie is matching, and that they are always in the tightest dresses and highest heels...These gurls will always be dressed to go...and will never say no... if you are gonna dress like a cocksucking bitch...then you better be prepared to act like one...!

Now, say it! "I WANT COCK!" Say, "I want a real man's cock!" Say, "I LOVE your hard cock!" Say, "Let me taste your cock!" Beg him to fuck you - say, "Please fuck my ass!" Tell him, "I KNOW you want my ass - YOU know you want it, daddy!"

Cute blonde sissy is making that big black guy horny.She looks so sexy in her ripped short shorts and high heels! Look at her, wiggling her hips as she minces down the cell block! Head turning sissy boy! All the big buff convicts are pushing on their groins as she sashays past them. "Look at that blonde body!" One of the cons mutters.

Song shemales dance to: "My Neck, my Back". Finesse, the caucasian bayot went desnuda in front of all the colored inmates in the prisuhan! I miss those days. The $10 was worth it. Anything goes back there. Handjob's and Bareback Blowjob's in the movie room. Whispers, moans and groans emanating from the booths. Sissies leaving the booths totally nude on their way to clean up, fresh cum dripping from their faces, noses and chins - followed by a customer with a relieved smile on his face. Some of those booths were comfortably big, not cramped at all. I remember when some of the sissies would bring their own sanitizer to wipe down the padded areas.

I do know that I was born to love cock. To bow naked to men and serve them sexually. I believe that I was chosen very young - perhaps even when I was still in the womb - selected to become a servant of flesh - to worship flesh.

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