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Shock and Awe. Part 2

Carla lay back on the white sheets and said ‘I want you to lick me down there first’

I was a bit shocked to be honest. I mean every guy imagines what it must be like to suck a cock at some point in their lives (and I just had for the first time, it was lovely), but anus licking had never entered my mind and I was hesitant.

Carla noticed my reticence and sat upright again. ‘Let me show you’ she said ‘ turn round and bend over’. I did as she asked and turned and bent forward so my ass was facing her and my hands were resting on my knees. ‘Back up a bit’ she said, so I did.

I felt her nails on my ass first as her fingers began to spread my cheeks. And then her tongue made one long pass from bottom to top. I gasped. I don’t think I’d ever felt such exquisite pleasure, it felt wonderful. And then she was probing her tongue directly on my anus and had I not been supporting myself with hands on knees I’m sure I would have fallen over. How could it be possible to live as long as I had and not know such pleasure existed?

My cock was twitching with every probe of her tongue and I was sure I was going to come in the condom she had rolled onto me. I didn’t want that to happen so I stood up straight and turned to face her. She was smiling that smile again, as much to say ‘that surprised you huh?’

I sank to my knees again and we kissed passionately. ‘I’ve never felt anything so sensual in my life’ I managed to say. ‘I know’ she replied ‘And now it’s your turn’.

She lay back again and I noticed her cock was soft and lying to one side. It looked so cute! She raised her legs and I held her below each knee as I bent forward. I did it exactly as she had done to me, one long lick along the length of her crack and then back to her asshole with the tip of my tongue. I felt her squirm and heard her moan from somewhere north as I began to warm to my task. Her fingers were in my hair and I realized I was so happy to be doing this, knowing the pleasure it gave. I began to alternate between long licks and probes and at some stage I noticed that her cock was erect again, so I began to lick it too, especially that bit just below the helmet.

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