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Shemales Video For My Sexy Pleasure

The flight from LA took all of my strength - a few hours of sitting was not really my thing. Plus, this was a business trip to Boston, endless series of boring meetings where I discussed number and figures, and by the end of the day my head was buzzing; I desperately needed to relax. My laptop was on and I carelessly watched a few shemales video clips - yeah, I dig shemales, I think they're the hottest thing in the world.

But then a thought sprang in my mind - why don't I find the real thing, instead of watching shemales video? I did some online research and came up with a few bars where I might get lucky. Catching a cab and going there was easy - soon I was ordering a drink and waiting for a hot girl to come by.

And there she was: tall blonde in a long, black dress, showing proudly her cleavage and big, round ass. My cock as approving the choice; I could feel it getting harder just from looking at her. Better than shemales video in any case. So, I bought her a few drinks and took her to my hotel in order to have some real fun.

First of all, she was a strong girl, athletic and in shape, with round muscular ass and strong legs which hinted jogging or swimming. I positioned myself on top of her and let my cock slide between her tits, where my mushroom-shaped cock head could easily reach her mouth. She eagerly licked it and played with my ass at the same time.

I pulled her legs up, ready to enter that sweet ass; her cock was hard now and I grabbed it, jerking her hot rod while I pounded her tiny hole. She screamed from pleasure, dripping precum while I continued to fuck her harder and harder. Soon she was ready to shoot, so I switched and fucked her sideways, letting my member get inside her as much as possible in order to let her feel every inch of my hard manhood.

She creamed her tits with cum while screaming, and soon I followed her example, filling her butt with torrents of cum which spilled out from her abused hole, now made bigger by my thick dick. She laughed while I kissed her, inviting me to have another go. We fucked like rabbits that whole afternoon - I was right, it was better to have the real thing!

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