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She showed them the pictures

Some years ago, While my wife and I were separated, I was out of state and she called to ask if she could use the computer at my place. When I returned home she asked about the pictures she found of me all dressed up like a whore with some guys cock in my mouth and of me setting on a dildo and taking the whole thing.
I made up some story about I was experimenting with a fantasy I had but that I didn't like the real thing and I was done with that fantasy. ( I told myself she bought it.) We never talked of it again and we got back together. Life went on. Last Halloween her friend Tina and her husband were having a Halloween party and we were invited.

I said I would go as Indiana Jones. Her and Tina said no. That I had to match My wife's costume and her's was a done deal. I ask what her's was. She was going as a man, there fore I had to be a woman. I pretended to disagree with this but when my wife started to come a little close to telling of me dressing up. I agreed so she would be quiet. On the way home she said it would be fun and that " you know you'll like it". I didn't say a word. As time got closer she would drag me to Tina and Phillips place so the could " practice on me" Slowly things changed.

They fixed my eye brows,had me shaving my leg, then my whole body, and doing my nails. just manicure with clear polish. They trained me how to walk and even talk. By the time the day came I new how to be a woman. It took several hours but when they were done with me, I was hot. I mean hot. I had a page boy wig and false tits. They were so realistic they bounced when I went down the stairs.
I wore a short skirt that didn't completely hide my garter straps. I was told that's OK because "it's a costume." "It's supposed to be exaggerated." I accepted that. (besides, it turned me on) I wore a waist cincher that tied in the back to help with my figure. Not to forget the 4" heels. When they brought me out, Phillips stood up and whistled. " Wow, I can't believe how hot you look." You look conniving." I blushed a little and we set around chatting and waiting for the other guest to arrive. As the others showed up the party was going full swing and I couldn't believe the way Phillip was acting. He was I paying a lot of attention to me. Bringing me one drink after another.

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