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She Male Photo Gallery Brought My High School Fantasy To Life

A friend of mine from high school came to visit me after many years when I moved into my new apartment in Los Angeles. We were good friends back then and kept in touch, but we went apart due to our careers. He was even one off the first and few people I came out to in high school, so our relationship was tight. I even had a big crush on him at the time, but he is unfortunately straight.

I invited one evening some of my friends to have some drinks and see what we would do that night. We had decided to play it by ear. The crowd seemed to like my friend and everyone was getting quite comfortable. My guest started talking about his trip to Thailand and showing us his she male photo gallery that he had on one of his online profiles because he was really into them while in Thailand.

There was something strange about the amount of enthusiasm he had while he was talking about them. He was describing their boobs and delicate faces with such passion, that I started to suspect that there was something more to his story. Everybody was drunk very soon and tired from the hard day of work, so they just decided to leave and not go out. My friend and I saw the people to the door and I went to take a shower.

When I was back from the bathroom, I found my friend browsing another she male photo gallery. He looked at me with a warm smile and I noticed that his dick was hard. It was not the first time I have seen him with an erection, so I made a joke and asked him:

“The bathroom is all yours now if you want to unload that big tasty cock of yours.”

He laughed and said that I was right and that it was exactly what he was going to do.

I kind of felt like was trying to give me some hint with that she male photo gallery… And when he walked past me, he grabbed me by my upper arms and started smelling the left side of my neck. I could feel his hard dick touching my ass. He told me that he wanted me, and he had me… in many ways.

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