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She didn't see it coming

I had seen her at a stop light while driving around looking for a spot to eat. She drove a red Pontiac Sunfire, the convertible kind that no self-respecting man would be caught dead in. She was gorgeous, at least from what I saw from my elevated platform of the SUV I was driving.

She was petite, her frame looked so slender but with just enough muscle to it that she didn't look weak. Her skin was a dark tan, her hair matched almost perfectly to it. Well, maybe her hair was a little lighter. She was wearing a yellow tank top, and I'm pretty sure that those perky C-cup tits underneath weren't supported by a bra. She had those huge glasses that teenage girls love to wear these days covering most of her face. Those just made me look at her lips more closely. She had a perfect pair of dick sucking lips that glistened with lip gloss.

She didn't even notice me. Most of the snotty girls like her never did. Unless you are a straight asshole to them they won't give you a minute of their time. I made my mind up in a heartbeat, this was a challenge I could accept. Girls like her just needed to be given a choice they couldn't refuse.

The light turned green and she took off with whatever shitty music that was blaring on her radio assaulting my ears. I pulled into the lane behind her and followed her from a few cars away as she made her way through the city. I knew where she was going just based on the general direction. I was proven right as she pulled into the parking lot of the mall. Girls are so predictable. Thankfully parking proved to be pretty horrible, forcing her to park well away from the doors. That didn't stop her from cruising around the fucking parking lot 40 times still looking for a Princess Parking Space to open up. It was tough not being suspicious as she hunted for a parking spot, but I was fairly certain she hadn't seen me. When she did finally pull into a space I parked about ten spaces closer to the entrance.

I sat behind my tinted windows and looked in my rearview mirror as she sauntered past my Durango on her way to the doors. I saw those big tits bouncing and could definitely make out her nipples slightly raising the fabric of that tank top. God she looked good. I switched mirrors as she passed and got a fleeting glimpse of a thick black girl ass.

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