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She came inside of me

In my city there are several transsexual brothers where there are usually a good amount of attractive girls working. It had been quite a while since I've visited one but on a hot sunday night I decided to pay one of them a visit.

Even though I had been here before I was nervous, the place is on the top floor of a regular apartment building and there is always a chance of running in to somebody who lives there. Luckily that didn't happen and I made it to the top floor unseen.

I was introduced to around 10 ladies and made my pick, a tall and slim Brazilian girl called Yasmin. Very feminine and sweet. When she walked in I could see a big bulge in her panties so I knew she must have been well equiped down there.

She brought me to a room with a big bed, laid me down, undressed me and then herself. When she removed her panties to reveal her rather large tool, I was surprised and a little frightened. I had never taken on a cock of this size but I was very excited to try it. She started slowly by rubbing our cocks together and we both became hard instantly. I started masturbating while she pulled my head towards herself and I proceeded to wrap my lips around her.

We moved into 69 and sucked and licked each others cocks, when she stood up and told me to put my legs in the air. She put a pillow under me and moved into position. After applying some lubricant she slowly entered me and quickly started to fuck me harder and harder. It hurt a little at the beginning but soon the pain turned into pleasure as I felt this beautiful girl ravaging my ass.

She pounded and pounded away untill I was close to coming, I asked to switch position and she told me to get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, this way she could fuck me even harder. After a good 10 minutes of deep anal sex she started to reach around and jerk me of, I couldn't hold it in any longer and squirted a big load of cum on the bed. Dominating as she was, she didn't stop and continue to pound my as fiercely, she told me she wanted to come too.

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