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Sexy She Male Pic And One Passionate Night With Hot Jeff

I am stunning, but I had some difficulties so I was determined to keep my secret. However, I have found a way to express myself, and that's how I met Jeff. I posted my naked she male pic online and started having date invites almost instantly. They were all pretty perverse, and I didn't mind, but I was waiting for that one that will sweep me off my feet.

I didn't have to wait long. He said he has seen my she male pic and that he thinks I was breathtaking. He was a perfect gentleman and he asked for an online meeting. I wasn't wasting time, so I accepted. We started talking, and one thing led to another, so we decided to meet in person. Luckily, we were living in the same town.

He was a strong man, masculine and very sexy which was a plus, and I could sense my blood rushing to my cock the moment I saw him. I invited him to my place for a nightcap. He accepted and before I knew it, we were sitting on the couch kissing. I felt his soft lips and enjoyed his kissing while he was exploring my body with his hands.

My nipples were hard and my cock stiffer than ever. I heard him say "Baby, you are so beautiful, I would love to feel your cock in my mouth". The moment he said that I came. I was so embarrassed. However, the perfect gentleman he was, he told me there's nothing to be ashamed about.

Then we started kissing again, and soon I was stiff again. This time we took it slow, and he started fondling my balls and my firm prick. He was stroking it and then he slid it in his mouth. I was enjoying the softness of his mouth. I wanted to feel his cock in my bum, but he wanted to finger fuck me first, while still sucking on my cock.

I felt like screaming, I couldn't wait any longer and I needed him badly. So, I opened my legs offering my sweet, tight, cherry ass. He was riding my butt slowly at first while bitting on my firm nipples. I was breathing heavily and came all over his stomach. The moment he saw my throbbing dick pulsating, he poured all his sperm right in my ass. I still post my sexy she male pic online but I have Jeff now!

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