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Sex with security guard in the apartment..!

I always fantasize about exploring the unlimited possibilities of cross-dressing and exposing myself in public such as dressing up and clicking hot pics in public places, seducing men and get picked up from pubs, having sex in car and on the roadside, etc., and some of my fantasies have already come true such as my sexual encounter experience in a moving train with a middle-aged man on my train journey to Delhi.

When I was staying in an upscale apartment in Bangalore, I used to hit the gym every day in the morning in order to keep me in shape. The gym was on the second floor of the apartment and there was another gym and a swimming pool on the top floor as well. Usually, I go to the gym by 7:30 AM and come back by 8:30, and there are hardly any people using the second floor gym at that time. Most of the time, I would be alone in the gym or with another one or two elderly uncles who were not regular. There was a security room outside the gym just opposite to the lift / stairway and we had to sign in the register before entering the gym. Security guards were deputed there on a rotational basis by the apartment association and hence, there were new faces on a monthly basis.

I used to chat with those security guys as I was one of the regulars to the second floor gym and most of them knew me very well. They greet me with a “good morning sir” and sometimes come inside the gym and chat with me when I do the workouts. It was then a security personnel called Srinivas was deputed to the second floor gym. It was a December month and I was all alone at my flat for the whole month. Srinivas had a habit of going for a smoke and it has become a practice that as soon as I enter the gym, he tells me “sir, I am just going for a fag and will be back in 10 minutes” and he comes back mostly after 15 to 20 minutes and chats with me in the gym. Even I could hear the sound when he climbs up the stairs. Within a week’s time, I was able to make out his pattern and my naughty mind started working out. Lol..!

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