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Seattle Weekend Part 2

I awakened to the smell of coffee and this beautiful silhouette of a girl standing at the window watching sunrise. I could see through her lingerie the beautiful breast and nipples, and the silhouette of her TG butt which was so sexy looking I was getting hard. I joined Gwen at the window wrapping my arms around her from the back placing my hands on her hips and then stomach. She leaned back head on my shoulder and we kissed each other softly then her tongue entered my mouth. I said I bet I have bad breath even though I brushed my teeth last night. She said I don’t care; moments like this should be savored. She was right. I told her she looked fantastic even without all the makeup, and if every morning were like this it just could not be better.

We decided to get dressed casual and explore Seattle that Saturday, and attend the Soccer Sounders game that evening. Gwen and I became more bonded together as the day progressed and she had fun pointing out tranny women to me. I made a point of telling her I didn’t notice and honestly did pay attention her, Gwen told me are you always this nice? I said what do you mean? You feed me a bite of your food, you hold doors for me, and you actually make me feel special. I told her I was raised in Brazil (“Brasil" in Portuguese) my family instilled in me values and told me when I left for college in the USA, you will represent our family and our country, do not embarrass us.

It was about 2:00 PM and we decided to head back to the hotel and maybe go to the pool. It was unseasonably hot for Seattle in September. Gwen held hands cuddled while we walked and was a knockout when she smiled. Her hair is auburn in colour, and her ponytail would flip around to the front and lay on her partially exposed breast. She had on a top that pulled down off one shoulder.
In the hotel, we caught the elevator up to our room on the 10th floor. It was empty and Gwen said can I ask you a question and maybe a favor? Yes anything, I said. You have a lot of body hair in your pubic and anal areas; I could wax that for you. I said here? Yep. I brought my waxing kit for you. I did shave the pubic hair from my testicles but not all and when I tried to shave the hair on my butt it grew out in stubbles and felt terrible. Gwen said that’s because you need to wax back there and it will grow out less dense each time.

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