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Seattle Weekend

Saturday morning and such a beautiful day nice and cool morning I went for a run. I consider myself in fairly good shape for my age but I try and make it to the top of a hill in our neighborhood. I get winded fairly quickly. Coming down the hill I ran into a nice looking athletic girl, maybe 38 years old, red hair in a ponytail, nice body with yoga pants. Women, I don’t know one man alive that is not attracted to women in stretch Yoga pants. Her name is Gwen, and we started a nice conversation while walking back to our neighborhood. We both had sweat on our clothing and she had taken off a headband and wiped the sweat from her cleavage which I had a very hard time keeping my eyes off them.
I jokingly said to her, please forgive me, you are so very attractive, and I am trying my best to be a gentleman. Gwen says, if you didn’t notice I would have thought you to be gay. That broke the barrier between us and we were able to have a nice chat and setup a dinner date for the evening.
We met around 6 PM and she was so stunning, a brown tank dress and an apricot top that exposed one shoulder very tasteful. She also had a pair of tan platform mules that exposed her beautiful feet and French manicured nails.
When we walked into the restaurant I noticed many eyes were on her from both men and women. Gwen reminds you of an Athlete that dresses to the tens to hide her toned body. We ordered a California salad for her; I had special pasta with shrimp and a cream lobster sauce. She asked if she could taste my pasta, of course I do not mind, she took my fork and fed my part of her salad, and mentioned she likes to take bites of different parts of salad and savor the taste, and notices the difference. We had wine with our dinner, and conversation was going quite well. I asked if she wanted coffee, and she declined. I mentioned if we were in San Francisco I knew some nice clubs we could go to and dance. Gwen said she knows a local club not far about 30 minutes, and if I was not offended it was LGTB friendly. I mentioned that I was very open-minded and in my native country of Brazilia, we were socially accepted of diverse sexual preferences.

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