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Sally the Seducer

I had been chatting online with her for about a month and she finally
asks me to stop by. My butterflies are churning in my stomach, as I have
no real idea what to expect I have only seen tease pictures. You know
the kind, no face barely a body part in the picture.

I pulled up to the address she gave me and knocked on the door. I did
not think she was going to answer and this man answered the door.
"Hi, come on in. "I will be ready in a minute." I was
shocked the woman on the phone sounded female so sultry making me long
to touch her. He disappeared into the bedroom chatting with me while he
did god knows what.

"Come in here, John." He invited me in. I walked into the
bedroom and there he stood putting his stockings on, the long silky legs
sliding into his red nylons. I was beginning to be aroused, so I tried
to act as if it did not bother me, "Nice place you have here
Sally." "Thanks, John it isn't much but I like it."
Sally responded in her feminine voice with only her nylons on at this

She went into the French doors to the master bath and began to remove
her man panties and put on the silk French cut panties all lacy and
matching to the nylons. I was now excited she had a very round bottom
with a pear shape and I was rubbing my crotch as I watched her dress.
"Slow down John." She said when she saw me in the mirror.
"Come over here and help me, I will give you something to do with
your hands." She asked politely and yet demanding.

I walked over to her and she put her long brown hair on and straightened
it on her head. "Brush my hair while I put on my make up John."
She ordered. I was happy to oblige as playing with her hair for me is
such a turn on. I brushed it gently as her silken locks ran over the
brush. I pushed my face closer to touch and take in her perfume. She
rubbed against me seeing me in the mirror.

"Slow baby, slow there is no rush we have all night." She said
trying to calm me down. I wanted to take her right there over the sink
but I backed up and continued to brush her hair. She thanked me and
asked me to go sit on the bed. I sat down and she put in a movie for me
to watch as she finished dressing with the French doors closed. I wanted
to see her and she wanted to tease me.

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