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Sally Gets Caught

It is the fantasy of every cross dresser to pass as a girl but the only time it happened to me was when my partner caught me dressed in her best. For a minute or two she didn't recognise me but as the realisation of what she was witnessing dawned then things became very difficult. Understandably there were tears and shouts and loads and loads of questions. Why, how long and what does it mean? After a couple of days she finally calmed down and we had a real talk. She said that as it was something I had kept secret for the 10 years we had been together she wanted to learn more about it. 'To try and understand' she said. So she decided that I should spend the next few weeks permanently as a female. I was reluctant in many ways, mainly shyness. I had never been seen dressed as woman before. I took a bit of persuading but the outcome was I agreed.

It was great to spend all day dressed. She helped me with my make up and made my wig looked really good. We decided that as this was going to be for a longish period then the wig and my breast forms should be be attached using surgical glue. Luckily she is a nurse so it was simple to acquire.
We still slept together and the addition of the long hair and breasts made me even more excited then ever and she seemed to really find pleasure in treating me as a lesbian - with a bit extra.
As the days went on I got more confident with her and I also ventured, in the dark, outside. It may sound easy to non TVs but believe me it was a huge step to go out and be seen. To my joy nobody even batted an eyelid and although I am obviously no beauty I felt wonderful.

After a couple of weeks Sue was in the bath when there was a knock at the door. 'Answer that Sally. It will be a couple of friends' Now this was something I had never prepared myself for but I did brave the door. Two guys were there. 'Hi, you must be Sally' said the first. 'I'm Paul and this is Steve.' 'Did Sue not tell you we were coming?'.
'No' I eventually stammered. Sue called down and told me to ask them in and give them a drink. Now I was really confused but I asked them in and went straight upstairs to find out what was going on.

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