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Sally another adventure

After the excitement of the past few weeks Sally was planning on a quiet few days with Sue. Trying to live a sensible life as Sam and trying to get his life sorted out. He returned home and took Sue out for dinner and a show and they started to talk about things for the first time in a few days. When they got back to the house there was a message on the answer machine and, when played back, Sue’s nursing boss was begging her to go to Leeds for the next few days to cover some emergency shifts in their general hospital.

The money on offer was good but it meant catching the next train to Leeds. Sue wanted to stay at home but the temptation of the extra money towards a holiday was more than she could bear so she called the hospital to confirm. A quick shower and a minute to throw some clothes into a bag and Sam took her to the station. For the first time in ages he felt lonely as he drove home and was feeling a very down when he got back and opened his e mails. There was a message from his ‘friend’ who had come from across the water and introduced Sally to the true delights of she male love making. Eerily enough he was asking if Sally was free the following day as he was due to be in England for a couple of days. Sally, without hesitation replied that ‘yes’, due to an unexpected change in plans she was not only free for the day but the night as well. She sent the mail and then eagerly planned for the next day’s adventures. She checked out her wardrobe and tried to decide what to wear. It needed to be something new and sexy so she resolved to go shopping the next day for something exciting.

In the morning Sally headed into town and after much indecision chose a new dress and underwear. She had to race back home to get dressed and ready herself for her man.
As usual the getting prepared, dressed and ready was incredibly exciting and Sally was already turned on when she pulled up to the now familiar car park at the airport. There he was looking around for Sally with anxious eyes. As soon as he saw her his face lit up and a huge grin appeared and he waved with delight at the approaching girl. She didn’t need to get out of the car but they kissed warmly as soon as he got in.

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