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I felt the cool night air hit my face as I barreled down the long sloped driveway. The rope around my ankles and knees had converted my movement to just a pathetic hop. Each hop I took caused my aching feet to hurt even more. Just my luck, I had been on my feet all day long and now the opportunity of escape finally presents itself. I told myself I had to keep going. Otherwise he WILL catch me. With each hop the sound of gravel crunching beneath my pink stilettos rang out through the otherwise quiet country environment. The road linking to the end of the driveway lay dark and silent. The road was normally quite busy even late at night, and I knew if I could just make it that it would not be long until a car came by to rescue me.

The fake breasts I was sporting bounced around inside my leopard print bra with each jump. By now I was almost halfway down the driveway. I stopped for a moment to peek over my shoulder and make sure he wasn't following me. He was nowhere in sight. The large country house behind me glowed in the moonlight. This was my first real look at the place since I was captured. I almost immediately regretted stopping as a wave of pleasure and discomfort gushed over me. Among all of the adrenaline from my sudden window of escape to my determined hopping, I had for a moment forgotten about the tight crotchrope running between my legs. Add to that the tight fitting pair of leopard print panties concealing my bulge and madly hopping along a rocky surface, you have one hell of an uncomfortable combination.

I frantically flexed my hands, trying to take my mind off it. It was no use, my hands were all but numb due to the layers of rope around my wrists and elbows keeping them firmly together behind my back. I bit hard into the black ball gag that was wedged into my mouth, anything to try and distract myself from the situation downstairs. The sound of a car in the distant snapped my focus back to the task at hand and I managed to temporarily put the discomfort behind me. I sharply threw back my head, brushing away any loose hair from my messy, shoulder length black wig and continued making my way towards the end of the driveway. I was so close.

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