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Room 48 for sex

Hi my name is Marcus. I'm one of those guys who loves transsexual porn, i constantly watch it day after day, night after night getting lost in my fantasies. I'm not however very open with this part of my life so i hide it away from those who would judge quickly. I've always been experimenting with myself for as long as i can remember, various ways of mastabating, sex toys and attempts to suck myself off. Crossdressing is really exciting and gets me horny really quick. I like wearing make-up, bras, thongs and all the other kinky forms of clothing but never have i been fully satisfyed til one special night.

On my 19th birthday i wished to have an exprience unlike any other. I wanted to be with a shemale. Obviously i told no one my wish and at the time sort it was nothing more than a fantasy in my own head. The day after i got a mysterious message on my phone that read "i'm here 9 o'clock at the hallmark room 48". Curious as to who this could be, i decided to go. The hallmark hotel was only a few minutes away from my house, by the time i got there it was virtually 9 o'clock and even stranger that the hotel was dead, only one car in the parking lot and getting into the reception all the room keys were on the wall. All bar one... room 48.

I approched the receptionist and asked where i could find room 48. She replied with "oh you must be Marcus correct?" Her question threw me off, i instantly thought "how does she know my name?" Pausing in my surprise i quickly replied with "yes i am Marcus". "Good our sole guest has been waiting for you, she booked the entire hotel for just the two of you!" The receptionist seemed quite giddy when she said this, all i could come back with is just "what?!" She laughed at my shock, "now, now you have a long night ahead of you. Room 48 is right at the end of the main corridor you can't miss it". All i could respond with was "well... thank you. I guess i'll be on my way then". I then turned and set off to room 48.

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