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Regrets. . . - by Katrina Electrika

When Mariana Cordoba was in her full blossom of being known in The Entertainment Industry, I was in China and Thailand having Lotus Mooncakes on Chinese and Thai New Years. . . The Orient is my Home now in life and I will be going back there very soon. . . but I have to say this, even ask Myself This : How in the heavens could I have MISSED learning about Mariana Cordoba at That Time in My Life? ..... I am just left speechless to the point of NUMBNESS in my Soul that in all the times I had done Ladyboy Searches Online in Thailand and China for Dating, how is it that not once did I ever see a promo of Mariana Cordoba? I sure KNOW that if I ever HAD seen one way, way Back Then, I CERTAINLY would have requested contact from her, and if she had agreed , I would have Flown Her RIGHT INTO China or Thailand or would have Booked a Flight to Cordoba, Argentina DIRECT IMMEDIATELY, Oh BABY - BELIEVE IT. To have only just learned about her this past 9 days ago, now I am 52 years age and still fine as you can see, but then to learn that Mariana Cordoba has been reported as deceased, well......... Geeez, yes this is Quite Too Much To TAKE. I am Really SHATTERED. I just can't believe it. I even feel angry with Myself about not having known about her Presence in this World back then. . . . I am just Soooo Unfathomably Upset. I'm Never going to Get Over Mariana Cordoba, . . . . . Never .

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