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Real TS Encounters

Real TS Encounters

Lay Report #1

Thursday June 9th, 2016

Hey, so this is my first “Lay Report”, which is what I will call them for now. My intent with these is to share stories of my encounters, while at the same time being informative enough to the point where you can get some value from this as well.

So it was Wednesday June 8th, 2016, about 11 pm. I did something I rarely do [anymore] and I went on Craigslist. I was in the mood for a new girl, and 11 pm is slightly late to be calling some of my current regulars, especially on a weeknight.

If you’ve been following me/my website, you know that I am not a fan of Craigslist. But last night (I’m writing this the day after) I said “fuck it” lets just see whats up.

So I started browsing the ads, and found that 75% were escorts. (Side note: I live in the New York City area, so of course depending on where you are, results may vary). About 15% were men in wigs (no offense to anyone, but I am definitely not into that). The remaining 10% looked pretty good/promising.

So I “came across” an ad that I liked. The girl sounded “normal” and she had a picture of her that looked really sexy. So I responded:

“Hey, I liked your ad. I attached some pics of me. Let me know if you’re interested.”

Very simple response. No need to go over the top. If you’ve seen my “Online Dating Basics” video, you’ll know that I like to keep first messages super simple, and make sure I avoid being weird at all costs.

No response.

In her ad however, she had her kik Username as well as her number (inviting text / phone calls). Which by the way, is an early warning sign that she might be an escort. I’ve had sex with many TS Escorts for free (I’ll do my best to get some of those stories to you ASAP), so it didn’t really phase me.

I message her on Kik. I include just one photo of myself shirtless. (Note: I happen to be in good shape. If you are not in good shape, DO NOT send a shirtless photo).

She responded pretty quickly (another good sign she is for real). Kik conversation went as follows:

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