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Rain Check

Today was the first real day of autumn weather. I couldn’t hold still. After being cooped up all summer with the heat . . . ugh, I tell you, you folks who don’t live in the South have no idea how oppressive the heat gets. You can’t go outside, can’t play, can’t drive around, it’s too hot to even FUCK most of the time. Yuck!

I went out to the park to shoot a couple of rolls of film with my friend Scotty (he’s becoming a pretty decent photography assistant as well as occasional model), and lo and behold, it was so autumnal it started to rain! Big, cold droplets, chilly breeze, everything. I wrapped my camera up in my sweater and we hurried back to the car.

The rain started pouring! Hammering down on the car in sheets thick as lead, I couldn’t see six feet in front of us, and the parking lot looked like it was sizzling, water kicked up two feet in the air just from the droplets hitting the pavement like bullets. Amazing. We’d gotten in just in time and we sure weren’t driving back in it - we’d have to wait until it lightened up a little to go anywhere.

So, naturally, this was when Scott decided to get a monster boner.

Well, I did what comes naturally; I shot pictures of it while he peeled it out of his pants. The light was low but I could compensate for it, especially for a juicy subject like Scott. He’s gorgeous - long blonde dreadlocks, skin the color of fine honey, a mix of races that makes your mouth water just looking at him.

I never get tired of taking pictures of him, or of that magnificent bit of sculpture he has for a cock. It’s seven and a half inches long, and just the right thickness, the skin of it a beautiful even rosy color, threaded with darker veins. I love his cock, I really do.

Scott teased me, jerking his shaft slowly; milking it until pre-come came trickling slowly out. Shadows from the rain streaked him. The din as it pounded the roof of the car was terrific. We couldn’t speak to one another.

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