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Purple Kiss, part 3

As I reached out for Tiffany's hand, she snagged the towel I had wrapped around my waist and threw it to the floor, “no need for that, cumslut.”
The group of women surrounding the doorway applauded once again then dispersed. Most of the women headed downstairs, but Janet, Kimberly and Becky walked past me headed into the shower room.
I followed Tiffany down the hall leaving my towel crumpled on the floor. She led me to the door she had told me to enter when I was downstairs. She stood in front of it for a few seconds before I realized that she was waiting for me to open it. I swung the door open, and she rewarded me with a slap on the ass, “good cumslut, but next time don't make me wait.”
I could not explain it, but Tiffany had an aura surrounding her that I could not help but obey. It was like I had been hypnotized.
I followed her inside the room. The walls were lined with television monitors, and there was a desk below the largest monitor with a control panel sitting on it. I studied the monitors and it did not take me long to figure out that each one was broadcasting from a different room of the house. A monitor near the center of the room displayed Janet, Kimberly and Becky showering together.
“Every room in the house is being recorded?” I asked nervously.
“Not just in the house,” Tiffany answered tapping on a set of monitors to her left. The monitors she was tapping on revealed the bar from four separate angles as well as the parking lot outside.
I was dumbfounded. She walked to the center of the room, pulled back a rolling chair and took a seat at the desk in front of the large sixty four inch monitor. She quickly typed in a series of numbers on the control panel, and a recording of Kelly and myself entering the shower room popped up on the screen in stunning hi-definition. She pulled back another rolling chair and slapped her hand against the seat. “Come watch with me cumslut,” she said playfully.
I obeyed and took a seat next to her. Together we watched and listened to Kelly piss on my face, suck my cock then cum in my mouth. Tiffany pulled out her glorious dick and stroked it the entire time. I felt my own cock swell despite my embarrassment.

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