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Pune crossdresser Night Girl

Hi friends, I hope you liked my earlier stories.

This is my new story about a lady boy / crossdresser / sissy boy.

Around 2 years back I came across a profile on Planet Romeo with name Nightgirl.
I sent her message that i found her sexy and attracted to her and wanna meet her.
I am always crazy for shemale and sissy.
I negotiated with her on her charges and took her address and went to meet her on weekend.
she stays on rent in a small apartment.
She opened the door and I was spellbound. she was so beautiful.
she is around 5.7 tall, fair and smooth. sweet smile, absolutely girly. very clean and very good and polite behavior. long hairs like girls.
she invited me inside, offered me with cold water.
then she took me to her bed and made me lie down and slowly removed my shirt buttons and loosened my belt and opened my fly to suck me.
I was already hard like rock and my cock sprang free. she went mad looking at my big cock and attacked on my cock with her lips and tongue.
she sucked me for almost 1 hour. after that i told her that i wanna fuck her ass.
she put condom on my cock and applied a gel and sat on my cock and engulfed it slowly in her sexy ass.
she was jumping on my cock and i was in pleasure, fucking her.
then i shouted "i am cumming" she immediately rose and removed my condom and took my cock in her mouth and i erupted in her mouth and came so much.
since then I am regularly fucking her. whenever i am horny , i call her and go to her and immediately feed her with my big cock.
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