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Pulled over

Kristen hurried to her car, worried that she would be late once again. She got in, slammed the door shut and turned on the engine in one smooth motion and raced off. "Damn!" she thought "the light's gonna change." She pressed her foot to the gas hoping she could make it and breezed through the intersection. A block later her stomach sank when she saw the lights behind her flash. Sighing she straightened
her skirt and hair while the officer walked up to her car. "Good morning Ma'am, did you know that was a red light back there?"

She stammered as she answered him " Y..y..yes Officer." She went on in her soft cultured voice "It's just that i'm going to be late to work again and my boss is so strict." She looked up to see the the cop staring at her long legs and shifted uncomfortably. "Step out of the car, Ma'am." He looked at her lewdly and motioned for her to get out. She could feel her heart pound as she stepped out of the car. "Put your hands on the hood please."

She blinked in shock at the tall dark haired man and did as he asked. Her long blonde hair fell down her back just touching her shapely ass. "Can't you just give me my ticket so I can go, Officer?" she asked, realizing there would be a lot to explain if he decided to frisk her. "What's your hurry?" He asked. " I still have to run your license and plates." She turned to face him and he barked "Put your face on the hood!" She felt his hand trail over her ass as he walked to his own car to run her plates. Five minutes he came back and said "Looks like
we have to wait, the computer is down." He licked his lips and looked around. She lifted her eyes and scanned the street the best she could with her head on the hood, and realized the street was practically deserted. "Everyone must already be at work and school" she thought with a start.

She felt her head being pushed down to the hood all of a sudden. "I thought i told you to keep your head down, I guess I'm gonna need to detain you" He yanked her arms roughly behind her and she felt the cool metal go around her wrists. She heard the click and felt ill. All of a sudden he was patting her down she could feel his hands moving up her legs and felt her dick stir as if to spite her.

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