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Prodigy Tixxx

For starters, this is not an X rated story. It’s merely one of my quest for Prodigy tickets.

I’m in New York City where the Prodigy haven’t been in ages. I’m a huge fan of theirs. Those are my people. I discovered that they have 2 appearances on May 15 and 16 and so I trooped it all the way to the Times Square area to the PlayStation box office where the sites claim the tickets are sold and the damn ticket window was closed. Time is of the essence too because May 15 is already said to be sold out. I wish a fellow New Yorker would just furnish me with a damn ticket but alas it is but a wish so I will try again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck. Holy shit! I was so pissed to travel all the way into the city to be greeted with a gate closed way before even the sign in the window says it’s supposed to be closed. Like who tha fuk do I gotta know or blow or throw my pussy at to make this ticket thing happen for me? Ya know?

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