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Practically gang raped at a sex club!

About 6 months ago I went to my local sex club in Sydney.

It was only about 8pm and not much usually is going on at that time.
On the 2nd story there is called the "Orgy Room" a place where people go and sit on the bed with no locked door and it's just first cum first served.

I stuck my head around the corner just to see if anything was going on and instantly another tgirl grabbed me and started too give me a very deep tongue
kiss and lead me into the room while still kissing me. Before we had even got next to the deep I felt someone lift up my skirt and push his hard cock against my black lace panties.

I went and sat on the side of the bed and started to suck the guys cock. I pulled another guy over and started too put both cocks in my mouth at the same time. It drove one guy so wild he only lasted about 1 minute and blew his load into my mouth. And another guy who was watching and wanking came up to join in and push his hand up my skirt.

Decided this was good time to get on the bed on my hands and knees for a good doggie fuck and a immediately pulled down my panties and pushed his 7" that I had been sucking into me. Two other guys came up on the bed in front of me so I started sucking both of them as well!

By this time there was probably about another 6 or more guys watching the action as well as I could see them out the corner of my eye jerking off.

I could feel the guy fucked me getting more and more excited and felt him shudder when he blew while still inside me. When he pulled out I flipped over on my back and he poured the cum from the condom into my mouth.
I then felt another guy spread my legs and lift them over his shoulders and pushed his cock into me. The two other guys took this as an opportunity to take turns fucking my mouth one cumming all over my face. I could also feel guys playing with my leather boots and feeling under my bra. I have no idea how many guys where involved by this time as guys where cumming was flying thick and fast!

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