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Painted Laddie for Mr. R

Gabe had had many strange photography assignments for the eccentric, but very rich Mr. R, an avid collector or erotica, but this was perhaps the most challenging. The money was better than good, however, and when he’d put a little thought into it, Gabe saw little problem in the execution of the assignment. It was something different. He might even enjoy it.

When Ms. Tulip came off the stage at the Bourbon Street female impersonators’ club and swished into her dressing room that Saturday night, Gab was waiting for her. The meta hunk had worn a muscle shirt barely covering the firm bulges of his torso and a silky pair of shorts that barely held the bulge of his ten thick inches. So, when he asked her if she’d come pose for him for photos, her quick answer was, "Honey, you can take me anywhere you want and do anything you want to me." She would have cause to reconsider that comment.

They went straight out to the alley and Ms. Tulip hiked up behind Gabe on his motorcycle, stiletto heels and all. "She" wrapped her arms around Gabe and hugged him tight. By the time they reached the plantation house on the Mississippi, Ms. Tulip had fully examined every curve and hard muscle of Gabe’s torso under his muscle shirt and had determined for herself that everything in that bulging basket at his crotch was the real deal. She was purring when they stopped in front of the old mansion.

Gabe had a room set up with still cameras pointing from different angles at a floodlit ivory chaise lounge backed by a white curtain. These cameras were set to automatically fire off photos at seven-second intervals. He had another handheld camera for close-up shots.

Ms. Tulip hadn’t liked the idea that Gabe wanted to photograph her as she was rather than the image she wanted to display, but she made only one demand in compensation as she stripped down to black silk net stockings, garter belt, and stiletto heels and wrapped herself in a red silk lounging robe.

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