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one of those stories i wish i was in.

Tim stepped into his new college dorm room and breathed in the possibilities. The sun illuminated the simple tile floor and the simple room furnishings. Freshly cleaned desks and wardrobes neatly lined the walls. The beds had thin blue mats and pencil graffiti etched into the legs. He noticed that the windows were open and the scent of the grill from the dining hall below was wafting in. He leaned out the window and looked far down to the ground below. Feeling dizzy he brought his head back in.

I rue the day that the elevators break. He laughed to himself. Maybe selecting the 7th floor wasn't a great idea.

Setting his bags down he waved his parents in from the hallway. They helped carry his other belongings up to his room, and set them down on the empty desk. They were incredibly impressed with his new living situation. The room was spacious and the two windows were enormous. Before you even got to the main part of the room there was a short hallway leading from the entrance. Next to it was a small door that led to the bathroom. The bathroom was equipped with a toilet, sink and a luxurious glass door shower with a marble wall stool. His parents joked about how it was even better than back home.

After helping Tim with the initial set up his parents gave him the stereotypical teary goodbye. They departed and he felt the pang of sadness that he was sure all college freshmen felt when they had to say goodbye to their families. He shook it off and waved from his third story window as they drove away. It was especially saddening because he would be unable to return home over breaks since his home was a few states away. Winter break would be spent on campus and over the summer he arranged to remain on campus and work for the university.

After setting up into the evening, he looked around. He was proud of his half of the room. Posters of videogame characters covered the walls and a calendar of waterfalls was pinned above his bed. All of his clothes were carefully folded away into his dresser. He added layers of memory foam to his bed until it felt like a cloud, and finished it with a fluffy blue comforter.

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