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Old Mall Facial (part 2)

After my first encounter with the snacks guy, I could not stop tinking about his cock inside me. I agreed to go back the next day but when I tried to contact him I got no answer, I thought he didn't liked our previous encounter, but I was wrong. 3 days after he send me a message. He took his wife to visit her mother to a small town close to the city and she was going to be there for some days so we would have more time to have fun.

I asked him when could I go and if he knew a more private place. He replied that I could go that same day and he had the keys of a empty store that has a basement that the owner used to store some merchandise and the staff used to rest. I agreed and asked him if he would like me to go before 6 p.m. so he would have more time to make me his slut. He said that there was no problem since the guard is a friend of him and he always gets high and falls asleep after they close the place and he has keys of the front door. So I asked him at what time could I go and he replied "Come at 8 p.m. I'll be waiting outside the restroom". I replied that I was going to bring my make up and wig on a bag since I'm to scared to be seen like that.

I put my lingerine on and I put the make up, wig and dress on my bag so I could finish getting ready once I was there. I sent him some picktures of me wearing the lingerine and he replied with pictures of his cock. At 7:30 he sent me a message that I could go now, that there was almost no people over there. I put some sport pants an a sweater over my lingerine and got into my car. When I got there it was already dark and there was only 4 or 5 cars only. I quickly got inside and I saw him waiting outside the empty store next to the restrooms. There was almost no lights and as I got close to him he just open the class door and I went inside the store, he went inside and locked the door. He jus told me to follow him but the store was complety dark so I took my phone and turn on the flash to see where I was going, we went down the stairs and the basement had some lights a mattress and a tv with porn on it.

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