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Old Mall BJ (Part 1)

After blowing and being fucked by some older men that I meet online I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go to a public place and blow or being fucked by a total stranger so I looked on the internet if there where glory holes or cruising spots on my city and I ended finding a blog with a map that shows all the gloryhole spot, hookers, strip clubs and motels. That was one of the best discovers that I made. After looking at the glory hole and cruising spots I saw one close to my house. It is an old mall thats almost abandoned if it wasnt of a supermarkek and few market stalls. When I clicked over the spot a window with the info showed on the screen and said that around 6 pm the guy that sells snaks on the south entrance stars packing all his stuff into his car and waits for his wife until 9 pm and in that time if you greet him and you go to the public bathroom he follows you and shows you his cock once you are at the urinal. So I decidedto go an check that out and decided to shave my legs and ass and wear a pair of pink stripped panties if things go well.

First I went to check the place since I have never gone there. I did my gorceries and on my way out I did not saw the snacks stand so I left thinking that that page was old or the man already left. So I kept going to do my goceries there every week with the hope of finding him. Did not had luck thenext week but on the third when I arrived I saw the snack stand with a tall brown man. It was like 5:30 pm so I just bought some stuff so could be out on time so the man would not leave.

When I came out I saw him just sitting on a bench looking at his phone. There was some sun light outside but inside was a little bit dark due to the old light bulbs. I quickly went out and leave all the groceries on my car and went back inside. As I walked in he looked at me and I just waved at him and said hello while going to the bathroom. As I was in the entrance I looked back at him and he was coming as well. The bathroom entrence was between two abandoned stores and had some old fluorescent lights since they where going on and off. The inside of the bathroom had some yellow llight that darkened the place a little and the bathroom stalls had no doors.

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