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Oh The Joy! Part II (revised)

Oh The Joy! - PART II
I returned to the cubicle to get some wipes and clean myself up. Touching up my make-up I ran through in my head what had happened and I smiled inwardly. What else may lay ahead for the rest of the day? After what had been done to me earlier would be hard to beat, that’s for sure. Still locked into my shoes I gathered my belongings in readiness to leave the gloomy toilet block for the bright sunshine outside.
It was time to depart, my heels clicking sexily on the hard floor. Part of me hoped someone would enter and prevent me from leaving, but it wasn’t to be. The sound of my heels crunching the gravel path seemed so loud due to the stillness of the air and anyone in earshot would certainly take notice. It appeared all was quiet though as I returned to my car to place my things in the boot. Refreshing the contents of my handbag with more lube and condoms, I also grabbed a couple of toys. After all, if a girl can’t find some fun she has to satisfy herself somehow. Locking the car I proceeded to the main path.
I was about halfway across the car park when a gentleman walking his dog appeared from the footpath and walked across the car park to his car. He looked at me, gave a smile and nodded his head as if to say ‘good day’. I smiled back and tilted my head in response. I carried on to the pathway and continued my walk. It was fortunate for me, given the shoes I am wearing, that the main path is tarmac. Anything else may have been a challenge. After one hundred yards the path crosses a big open space, almost like a small valley, around which are several benches. Deciding to go and sit down I headed for the furthest bench, which is about thirty yards from the path.
Smoothing my skirt under me I sit down and start to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine. Closing my eyes I started to replay in my mind the recent events in the toilet block. This started to cause a stirring in my knickers which I fought to control. It had only been a short while but I was already in need of some more fun. It could be a while before anything happens, indeed, if anything happens at all. With this in mind and my sexual arousal growing, I decided to use one of my toys.

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