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Oh Samantha

Meeting Samantha for the very first time at the busy theatre restaurant
was the best thing that could ever happen to me. She was performing
with about 20 other ladies or sort of ladies, I found out later that they
were hot shemales, transsexuals and even a few transvestites. Their
performance was brilliant and I was shocked when I was picked out
for the lucky door prize.

Yeah I know you think that is pretty corny, but not when you knew that
the prize was a hot date with Samantha, the gorgeous blonde with firm
and perky full breasts, her looks were to die for and if you didn’t know
she was a chick with a dick you would have wanted her just as much.
Fortunately for me, my lifetime fantasy was to spend a few moments
with a hot babe who has tits and also a dick. You see I’m bicurious and
what better way to try out my feelings and live my bisexual dream then
to try meeting up with a hot babe like Samantha.

Luck was with me that night and when my name was called out, I was
in a state of shock, but with the audience cheering me on when I was
greeted by my prize, I felt like I would melt into the floor, but I was also
proud to meet with such a sexy babe. She sat with me for most of the
night and the only time Samantha wasn’t by my side was when she
was up on stage performing her number or with the rest of the “ladies”
in a hot group number.

When the night was almost over, Samantha whispered in my ear that
she would meet me outside the theatre early in the morning. She
wanted to take me to a place that she used as her private hide away.
She’d organised a picnic basket and a few other goodies, which would
make for the perfect date.

I met Samantha at the time we’d agreed on and I realised she was
more beautiful in daylight than she had been the night before in the
dimly lit theatre. Her clothes highlighted her beauty. When I looked
down into the open sports car, her cleavage said it all. I jumped in and
we were off with Samantha chatting all the way and me, well I was in
awe of her loveliness and how sexy she was and was I was only able
to answer in all the right places.

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