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Night With Shana

This meeting took place in Los Angeles, CA. I’m sure many of you are into shemale porn movies and will know who Shana is. For those of you who don’t know her, she is a gorgeous white shemale with long brown/blondish hair, big tits ( think there is some silicone in there — but who cares), lovely, long legs and a nice thick eight-incher. This encounter is true and happened about 4 years ago before she “became a star”.

Well anyway I was on a business trip to LA and was horny to have my ass
fucked by some hot TS. I checked out some shemale escort sites (the one I
eventually used — shemale meetmarket; is not up anymore); you know the
ones, eros-la,, and others. Well something about Shana’s
photos made my pulse quicken. So before I left Texas (that is where I
live) I called her and told her what I wanted. She said ok, that I should
call her when I get to LA. I did just that. She gave me directions to her
apartment. I can’t really remember where it was, but it was near UCLA.

Before I go any further I should explain that I’m turned on by shemales who
are “tops”; in other words, shemales who can and will fuck a guy in the
ass. Shana said on the phone that that was the way she preferred it — she
was looking to have someone suck her cock and to get fucked by it!

Well anyway I knocked on the door and she opened the door. She told me she
was a topless dancer in a straight place and that no one knew she was a TS;
well she was a knockout!! I’m a little over 6 feet and she was about my
same height, with her stappy high heels on. She was wearing a bikini and
looked great. She told me to excuse her lack of furniture, that she had
just moved into the apartment. She had a big 4-poster bed in her bedroom
and a small dog which barked at me. She told me that our encounter would
take place in the living room on a blanket ( there was no furniture in the

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