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Night out as a girl

Becoming a sissy for guys pleasure

I have been working allot and this whole week I have been just extremely horny for a hot guy to fuck me.

I got home on Friday and I proceeded with getting fully dressed up as a girl to go to the bookstore / theater fully dressed so I can get guys to have sex with me as a girl as usual.

it didn’t quite work out as i wanted as I couldn’t get one of the private rooms. I still went anyway and had some extreme sex with some guys in the theater side and did allot of showing off in front of them to let them know I will do anything for their hot rods.

Allot of them just watched me while stroking their hot dicks and some just immediately started feeling my body up from caressing my breasts to groping my wet cock, to trying to finger my hole.

Some were kissing me and some wanted to suck on me. When that wasn’t what they wanted they made me suck on their Cocks or fuck me. That lasted for about five hours. And then I went home finally and tried to go to sleep at 345 in the morning and I never slept.

Then that morning I took a hot shower and put on my summer dress and my purple lingerie underneath with matching stockings. while no one was home I was trying to relieve my sexual needs of needing a big black cock by using my 12 inch black dildo in my pussy butt off and on while masturbating.

since I am insatiable for this type of sex all the time with men while I am dressed as a girl I just keep watching trans porn and masturbating.

I just can’t get it out of my head since I saw my first transsexual porno and since doing hypno sissy videos and stuff I know that I am a girl and being fucked by lots of black men while dressed as a girl whether in private or public is what I want now.

I soo bad want to be a prostitute in San Diego as I have heard it’s good money there and to walk university ave at night is pretty safe. So when it became night I was still dressed up fully with make up and said it’s now or never.

I especially want to give my sissy boi pussy to a black man. It’s the only way I think I will complete my insatiable appetite for guys dicks.

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