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Nicole and I the final chapter

She pulled out of my mouth and said “I’m gonna fuck that ass” she walked over to my ass and shoved her cock in! And started fuckking my bareback like crazy! Pounding my ass deeper with each stroke, I could feel every vain in her cock and her huge head plunge into my ass! In mins I was spraying cumming every where my cock swing uncontrollably as she fucked me hard! “Fuck that’s hot I’m gonna cum again too” she screamed! “HOLY SHIT IM CUMMING IM CUMMING” BAM! She slammed her cock as deep as she could fill me up with cum! I’m not done yet she said..........
Eat this she said and she shoved something in my mouth. “What is it?” I asked “you’ll see now open your mouth again” I thought she was joking but nope sure enough she shoved her cock back in my mouth and started fucking my throat again! This time again she fucked me till she shot down my throat again!! And again ordered me to swallow it! She started sucking my cock next till I exploded in her mouth, “ I didn’t say you could cum, so let’s share it she said” before I knew she snowballed me I hadn’t done that before so didn’t know what to expect but it was pretty damn hot. Than I realized I was still hard and it finally hit me she had gotten viagra! That’s why she was constantly hard and it wouldn’t go down! It was amazing she kept that routine all night till the next morning fucking my mouth than ass back and forth. My ass was so sore the next day but it felt so good too and I felt like my mouth was stuck in the shape of her Cock :O lol.
I felt like I was shitting out cum for days. So the day came and I took her to the airport said our goodbyes and promised to stay in touch which we have. She told me she left me a gift and to open it when I got home. So I got home sad and sore and found the gift. I opened it to find a flash drive and another box that said “leave it in” I opened it and it was what I thought was a butt plug but it was a dildo she had shaped like her COCK! I couldn’t believe it! And the videos on the flash drive were from nights we had fucked! She had secretly recorded them! Now that’s a goodbye present! I still use that dildo and our videos to this day and she still texts me and orders me to “leave it in”

Well hoped you liked my stories! Sorry if it ran sometimes there was just a lot more to put but I had to sum it up best I could!

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