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Nicole and I the final chapter

I got a new job she said which I though was cool but than she tells me it’s in New York.......we live in CA. She had be interning and working at her current job for a long time now and an opportunity cake she couldn’t pass, she had been debating it for 2 weeks and decided she was gonna take it but she was gonna leave In 2 days. I couldn’t believe it but I was happy for her, so after that she told me bend over took out my butt plugg and she put it away. She said the night before she leaves she was gonna make sure no one would ever be able to pleasure me as good as she could again.
So the next day we spent the day getting all her stuff ready and just hanging out, the following day she asked to me run to the store to grab something so I did. When I got back all the lights were out
and nothing but candles were lit and a sign that said undress and come to the room now! So I did without hesitation and ran down the hall my cock already rock hard! I open the and there is nicole in that sexy robe with sexy heels and leggings on, staring at her I didn’t even notice the bed, she had set up a new sex swing! Just as my eyes went from the swing back to nicole she rips off her robe to reveal her garter belt and corset, her rock hard 11 in Cock pulsing with her little patch of fire red pubic hair just above it, her balls nicely trimmed so I can still see the little red hairs! Get in now she demands, so I did!
As she strapped me into the swing all I could do was stare at her rock hard cock standing straight up. “Your gonna be my cum slut, today” she says “I’m gonna fill up all your holes with cum today.” Before I knew what was happening or could respond she was already shoving her cock down my throat gagging and chocking me like crazy! “Suck that cock slut!” She moaned! She was so hard I couldn’t believe it! She was fucking my mouth for awhile the before I knew it she exploded down the back of my throat! “FUUUUUUUUCK IM CUMMING” she screamed! “Swallow it all you dirty slut” she ordered so I did, but I noticed something funny she was still hard.

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