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Nicole and I the final chapter

So I haven’t written any stories in a while , so if you read mine before you should like this one I didn’t write it yet cause it’s about my last encounter with Nicole. Very sad day for me lol but a very good story. So here goes........
Nicole and I had been going over a year now and everything was good, every night was full of sex and my ass or mouth always full of cum. One night I thought I heard something at first I thought nothing than kept hearing it so I opened my eyes to to go see and as soon as I do I see nicoles hand grab my face and her other hand is jerking her dick! Before I could say anything she sprayed my face with cum literally covering my whole face. Scooping some with her hand and ordering me to lick up the rest she starts jacking me off with her cum hand. I was so turned on it didn’t take long before I sprayed my cum all over her too.
When I woke up the next morning for work I jumped in the shower just like I always do as I’m washing Nicole jumps in which is normal cause she usually likes to fuck me or for me to blow her everyday before work. This time she just tells me hold still and relax, so I did and before I knew it she was shoving something up my ass and HURT! But I good kind, I moaned in pleasure and pain, it was a butt plug. “Leave this in your ass all day, or you can’t have my cock tonight” she tells me. “I’ll know if you lie cause you suck at it” which is very true lol. “Plus we need to talk tonight” she said I wonder what about.
All day at work I left that plug which made it hard to hide my boner cause I could think about was Nicole’s cock, she was sending me videos and pics all day to make it worse. Luckily I have my own office so I was to jack off about 3 times unnoticed lol. So I get home and Nicole is just in a bathrobe that she know I love when she wears cause her cock pushes right through the slit as she walks and her balls hang right where I can see them. She sits me down and asks if I took it out I said no and she knew I was telling the truth than she started to tell me the bad news........

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